a citizen engagement platform for local government

Building greater participation

NETPopulis is built to provide citizens easy and effective ways to engage with their government for access to information that matters to them. At the same time it gives government all the tools needed to generate proactive and transparent communications facilitating crucial learning from citizens.

Communicate dynamically
With NETPopulis, citizens can decide what information they want and how they want to receive it by selecting publications and methods of interaction. With robust email, text, web, broadcast voice messaging tools government can deliver that information in ways that are effective, timely, personalized, and meaningful.

Read the Multichannel, Two-way Communications sheet

Build lasting engagement
Communicating with citizens becomes an interactive dialogue where everyone benefits. Easy, meaningful and productive interactions build trust and encourage continued interactions. Citizens see that government is working for them, and government learns what their citizens expect and want—and how best to provide it.

Read the CRM for Citizen Engagement sheet

The Databank has been a critical tool for growing engagement and communications with my constituents. In 7 years of using the the platform, my list has grown nearly 7 fold, and the number of residents who regularly read my communications has increased 5 fold! This software is easy to use, and the support and training my staff and I receive on an ongoing basis has always been excellent.
—Robin Kniech, Denver City Council

Technology and people working together

NETPopulis is a service of thedatabank, gbc, provider of innovative cloud-based solutions to governments and nonprofits for more than twenty years. Like you, we are passionate about our work—devoted to making communities stronger and more responsive, and thereby improving peoples’ lives.

Together, we pioneer what’s possible
Our experience and technological expertise have taught us how essential and possible it is to consolidate information silos and replace outdated tools and unproductive systems. With one unified platform a whole new level of efficiency and understanding throughout an organization can be unleashed. NETPopulis works on any computer, browser, or operating system, and can be accessed from anywhere over the internet with your email address and password. NETPopulis can integrate with other existing systems where necessary to create greater efficiencies.

What took days to do now takes 5-10 minutes
With NETPopulis you can connect to your website and social media, then pull and push information to and from existing tools while bringing data into a more user friendly interface—for easier reports, overall understanding, sharing and communication. Powerful analytics and reporting, metrics, interactions, mapping, robust search query functions and more capabilities are all interconnected and at your disposal whenever needed.

We’ve saved numerous hours on admin costs. We can rearrange admin time to do other important things, build a reputation, and bring in money for services with partners. We’re solving large issues in the community through social enterprise.
—John O’Phelan, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions

With you every step of the way—and into the future

Our approach is much more than state-of-the-art software solutions. From the very beginning we engage with you—offering attentive and expert con- sulting, training and support that are all built into your subscription.

We know service is crucial to your successful use of technology. Problems, questions and concerns are always addressed efficiently—we have a client support satisfaction rating of 99.5%. The NETPopulis Support Center is staffed only by our Twin Cities team of experts.

Our every action and interaction is designed to make it simpler for you to connect with your citizens—more efficiently, effectively and inexpensively—and thereby improve communication, track impactful data, and increase your capacity to serve.

Service and support have been exemplary, and we are completely satisfied. You are awesome people to work with.
—Steven Streib, ATTC National Office

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